Diving at Paradise Villas on Little Cayman


The diving and snorkeling around Little Cayman is recognized as some of the best in the Caribbean, if not the world. Annual ratings in dive magazines and in leisure magazines continue to rate the underwater life here and the ease of access to it at the top of their lists. Bloody Bay Wall starts in as little as 12 feet of water so advanced divers and absolute beginners can all enjoy the view!



Typical diving days include a 2 tank morning dive in the Bloody Bay Marine Park and a 1 tank afternoon dive either back in the Park or at other walls and reefs nearby. Sea-esta is a 40 foot long Newton custom dive boat powered by twin diesel engines. The boat has plenty of storage space, a large functional camera table, all of the other amenities needed to make your dive day a smooth one. Service is door to door both to and from your villa and travel time from the dock on the south side of the Island to Bloody Bay is about 20 minutes. The dive staff have plenty of experience diving around Little Cayman and guided tours are available on every dive.

While the Big Stuff is always popular with divers, Bloody Bay and Jackson’s Bay are full of ‘little treasures’ that will keep macro photographers busy all week. Finding a Seahorse is an extra treat!


Green and Hawksbill Turtles are plentiful, Eagle Rays and Stingrays are common around Jackson’s Bay, and always keep your eyes open for Reef Sharks along the Wall.


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