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From the moment your Twin Otter touches down on the recently paved airstrip, taxis across the field, and parks on the road, you will know that you are someplace ‘different’! Your Adventure has begun. Paradise Villas is a 30 second walk away!



travel-rsThe Cayman Islands are located 480 miles south of Miami. While Grand Cayman has over 30,000 residents, 690 banks, thousands of Cruise Ship Visitors per week, and lots of traffic, Little Cayman boasts around 150 residents, 1 bank (only open 1 day a week), no Cruise Ships, and no traffic lights. Iguanas outnumber residents here.

However you get to Grand Cayman (information below), you will need to get from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman via Cayman Airways Express. Cayman Express flies to Little Cayman 5 times daily (and more if needed during busy periods). If you are using Cayman Airways to get to Grand Cayman (from a US gateway), the additional fare to get to and from Little Cayman is quite low. For more information or to book on line, visit or call Cayman Airways directly at 1.800GCAYMAN.

This flight information is mostly for your information. Of course, our US Booking Office can make all of the travel arrangements for you. They can be reached toll free at 1.877.3CAYMAN (877.322.9626).


This flight data is obviously subject to change. Please check any of the flight booking web sites (expedia, Travelocity etc) to check for current information. Rebecca at our booking office can also help you with your flight arrangements.