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150) Hawksbill Diver, Boston, Mass 
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Tuesday, 28 December 2010 20:48 Host:

My husband and I stayed at Paradise Villas for 2 weeks and enjoyed the waterfront view, friendly staff and the kitchenette. This island has the friendliest people that I have ever encountered!!! During our stay we dove with Conch Club Divers and it's clear that the staff enjoy their work and therefore everyone has a GREAT experience. We dove with Bill, Anne, and Matt and we will return to dive with them again. Anne is hysterical and one of the most entertaining dive masters that I have ever encountered! The crew is very safety conscious, professional and puts forth a lot of effort to make everyone feel comfortable. Overall a very enjoyable and fun experience!!!!!

Helpful Tips: PV is within walking distance of the store and you can purchase anything that you find at a mini-mart plus items such as frozen turkey, cheese, taco kits, fresh fruit and vegetables Prices are very high, expect to pay double and bring your own packaged food. If you want to save some cash bring your own chips, condiment packets, coffee or tea. We went without sugar in our coffee as we refused to buy a 2 lb bag at the store. In the room you have access to a toaster, portable stove range, coffeepot and microwave. There's limited reading material here so stock up on books, magazines or your kindle. You can even donate your old book to the library at PV or in the Trust building. The internet worked in our room and we were able to use SKYPE on our porch, the best connection in the room is closest to the office. The TV has a DVD player in it and you can rent DVDs at the store from a small collection. The airport is next door but did not bother us at all.

CCD offers to come pick you up at PV , we took advantage of this and occasionally we rode our bikes that PV provide for a small fee. It's nice being within walking distance of the store and 5-10 min. biking distance from CCD pier and other restaurants. Reef diver's bar has great burgers and other bar food. Pirates Point is a lot of fun for diner and Gladys is hysterical! Make it a point to have diner there one night (ask for sushi night) and make sure to call 24 hours ahead of time to get your name on the list. It?s an easy bike ride there but bring a flashlight for the ride back. They?ll also provide transportation if you prefer. Go check out the iguanas at the museum property, there are about 40 of them and on a sunny day they come out to you. It's frowned upon to feed them. Our favorite spot was Point of Sand beach, rent a scooter or car by the store and go see it. It's the most beautiful beach we've ever seen and we were the only people there.

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