Little Cayman is very popular with serious fishermen. Many guests show up with their fly rod or spinning rod and have very good luck fishing right in front of their villa.



Fishing Excursions that can be booked ahead of time or on island include: Flats Fishing for (bonefish, permit, and reef fish), tarpon fishing at Tarpon Lake, and deep sea fishing (for tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi, and marlin (if you are really lucky).

Last November my wife Anita and I visited LCI for two weeks and we’re not even divers! We had read about LCI and it seemed like the perfect place to really get away from it all. Anita found Paradise Villas through the internet and I knew about LCI from the book Bonefishing by Randall Kauffman. LCI turned out to be exactly as billed. It’s as if the place is deserted.
The main reason people come to LCI is to dive, but the fishing is great and a real adventure.
I’m a fairly self sufficient fisherman, so I elected to do all my shore fishing un-guided. I caught bonefish, jacks, snappers, and barracuda. We found fish by car, bicycle, moped and on foot. Obviously the car and mopeds offer the greatest flexibility.
One of the best things about fishing LCI is that it seems as if you have the island to yourself, because everyone is out on a dive boat. Choose which shore to work (north or south, depending on the direction of the wind.
When we arrived it looked as if the north shore was just too rough to provide good wading whatsoever, so we concentrated on the south shore. However, the wind direction turned while we were there transforming the north shore into a place that really does feel remote – just a few houses and miles of great shoreline to fish. The bonefish we found were pretty tight to the shore, the jacks seemed to be everywhere and the snappers are around the few piers and in the reef that you can easily wade to in good weather.
There are at least two kinds of fishing you’ll need help with. I took advantage of the local knowledge by hiring Captain Jeremy Loercher. I had Jeremy get me out to the offshore fishing where we caught some tuna during a short day off the island.
You can be into fish within minutes of passing through the reef since the water depth falls away so quickly. Jeremy said we might see a wahoo and at times Dorado are in the area, Dorado are a great fly-rod fish. I’m sure there are other species that visit LCI as well. But by far my favorite fishing on LCI was Tarpon Lake. This place is incredible. TL is jammed with baby tarpon. When you find the fish, sometimes you get a bump every cast! But these bumps aren’t like what you’re used to on a trout stream. Tarpon hit so hard, you wonder if you’re going lose your rod overboard. I call it the tarpon handshake. It’s an incredible jolt.

If you’re new to saltwater fly fishing this is a great place to test the waters. Anyone should be able to find some jacks and snappers, and maybe a bonefish or two. You’ll want some type of sturdy wading shoe to protect your feet. I fished a 7 weight for my shore fishing, an 8 weight for Tarpon Lake and a 10 weight for the small tuna we turned into sushi. If you only have room for one rod, make it an 8 weight. It is not too big for in shore and big enough if you get into a 15 pound tarpon – hang on! Get in touch with Jeremy to help you find some fish and don’t miss Tarpon Lake.

I know this website has many great things to say about Paradise Villas – the clean rooms, helpful friendly staff, the Hungry Iguana, and I agree with it all. Paradise Villas and LCI is a fabulous place to get away from the bright lights and crowds.

I’d be happy to offer people some more detailed fishing advice for anybody heading to LCI.


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