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163)The Daniels  Female
Colorado Location
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Wednesday, 5 February 2014 21:10 Host: Write a comment


This was our fourth time at Little Cayman and staying at Paradise Villas. We can only say nice things about Paradise Villas and their staff. Rebecca always returned emails quickly and helped us with our reservations. Marc and Sabine are so great and always so helpful with anything that you need. The maid service is always so accommodating especially being that we had three little kiddos with us. The Hungry Iguana always has friendly staff and again everyone is so kind and helpful. This is our favorite vacation spot in the world and we plan on returning in 2016! We cannot wait for our next vacation there, the feeling of safety, the serenity and the fact you feel like your the only one on the island at times. Thank you again for such a memorable vacation. We hope you have a great year and we cannot wait to return!
The Daniels
162)Juliette and Stephen  Female
Grand Cayman Location
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Friday, 15 November 2013 15:55 IP: Write a comment

We just got back from our second stay at Paradise Villas this weekend and had such a lovely relaxing time. We would recommend this place to anyone - there is a restuarant right next door, bikes to ride and Mark and Sabine are so welcoming and accommodating. If you just want to chill out on a hammock reading or go diving or cycle round the island you can take your choice. Looking forward to returning soon!
161)Al & Betsey Puerini 
United States Location
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Sunday, 24 February 2013 20:06 Host: Write a comment

We just returned from Paradise Villa and are still wondering why it took us so long to get here. We agree with Sue and Mike (above) - why go anywhere else? The diving was superb. Conch divers were just great. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful...and nice! Sabine & Mark, who run the Villa could not have been nicer. And "The Hungry Iguana" is right next door. We originally were going to eat around for variety, but the food was so good we ate there every night.
Plus we are vegetarian/vegan and they produced delicious meals for us every night.
Rode bikes several days to see other parts of the island - no need for a car.
We really can't wait to go back. Easily the most relaxing and enjoyable dive vacation we have ever had.
Thanks to all of you for your great hospitality!!
160)Mike and Sue Erkel  Male
USA Location
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Thursday, 24 January 2013 10:28 Host: Write a comment

Jan 2013
We have just returned from our third trip to Little Cayman and have stayed with Paradise Villas. I am looking forward to returning again in May. We dove with Conch Club Divers all three times and couldn't have been happier we find the diving so great we don't want to dive anywhere else.
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Friday, 11 March 2011 00:32 Host: Write a comment

Emma ,Mark and Sabine all made sure that we had a great time, even though the venue and accommodation would have guaranteed that anyway. We were delighted with the ambience of the place. It?s the ultimate venue both to relax and chill and also to do healthy things like snorkeling, diving, bicycling and drinking rum!
Everyone on the island was really friendly, but certainly the staff at Paradise Villas had adopted the motto 'the answers yes, now what's the question?' We loved the whole experience.

England, Feb 27, 2011
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Friday, 11 March 2011 00:31 Host: Write a comment

Within a 2 week vacation to Grand Cayman, my husband and I spent a long weekend on Little Cayman at Paradise Villas. Emma was very welcoming, handling bike rentals and answering our myriad questions. The location is gorgeous, airport is tiny and you have no noise to worry about. The villa is spacious, kitchen equipped for breakfast/lunch prep, everything spotless, housekeeping services beyond expectations.

We decided to do a resort course dive. Emma arranged all the details with Conch Club Divers. Matt was a patient and careful instructor. He was someone I instantly trusted and who appropriately guided me through my fears. We had 2 great dives and saw some incredible animals -- beautiful fish, corals, and a sea turtle!

Don't forget to indulge in all the wildlife above the sea: native endangered iguanas (please don't feed them!) and loads of birds you will not see elsewhere. The Cayman Trust building has good observation decks (and delicious ice cream for sale!) as do many other ponds. Hermit/soldiet crabs are right at your feet. If you have study shoes, meander out and peak in the tide pools; lots to see there as well.

My husband and I loved the quiet of Little Cayman -- and the incredible stars at night! Paradise Villas is a great place to enjoy Little Cayman and all it has to offer.

Colorado, Feb 25, 2011
157)Warrenton, Virginia 
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Friday, 11 March 2011 00:30 Host: Write a comment

My wife and I had the pleasure of traveling to Little Cayman with friends to stay at the Paradise Villas in early February. What a wonderful place to stay, I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the entire villa. The rooms where meticulously cleaned each day by a very friendly staff. There was nothing the managers ( Mark and Sabine ) wouldn?t do for you to make your stay the best it could be , thank you so much.

Warrenton, Virginia, Feb 21, 2011
156)Longmount, Colorado 
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Friday, 11 March 2011 00:29 Host: Write a comment

We only had 3 days to spend on Little Cayman, unfortunately. Paradise Villas was very easy to find (just walk from the plane to the front office, then to our room!). The rooms are spacious, very bright and clean, and there's a terrific breeze if you open the front & rear windows or doors! We can't wait to return! Definitely rent bikes, the best way to get around this tiny island!

Longmount, Colorado, Feb 12, 2011
155)New York, New York 
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Friday, 11 March 2011 00:28 Host: Write a comment

What could be better than a villa right on the beach? The beach is steps out the door. There are beach chairs and hammocks right there, I was able to relax and read while my husband fished a few feet away. You can walk to the store to stock up your kitchenette and have coffee sitting on the deck that looks out over the ocean. If you'd like to explore the island the resort has bikes available. If you want to rent a motorbike or car you can walk to the rental agency right next door. It's very relaxing, if you're looking for nightlife this may not be your place although they do have happy hour every night at the Hungry Iguana restaurant located on the resort. I can't wait to go back!

New York, New York, January 30, 2011
154)Cambridge, England 
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Friday, 11 March 2011 00:28 Host: Write a comment

We were lucky enough to spend a fantastic week here. The villas are wonderful - beautifully decorated, well equipped and spotlessly clean. The staff are superb, Sabine, Mark and Emma all go out of their way to make you feel most welcome. The on-site restaurant /bar is great and the pool perfect for a refreshing dip. The whole island is very peaceful and relaxed. We cycled right round the island and hardly saw another vehicle.

Cambridge, England - Jan 26, 2011
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